​Reflect on your overall course (e-learning) experience.

Part one

Explain whether you agree or disagree with the statement that “society’s interests are maximized when intellectual property is shared freely, with proper attribution, for noncommercial purposes” (Wiley, Bliss, & McEwen, 2014, p. 782). Then, analyze changes you predict in the areas of open source material and copyright in the near future. In your analysis, demonstrate how open source material can enhance eLearning design. Take a position and relate it to your own viewpoint as a professional in your industry.

Defend your response from personal experience, a learning theory, and at least one research study (PhD, EdD, and EdS students) or dissertation (PhD and EdD students only).

Part 2

Reflect on your overall course (e-learning) experience. In 1 page, articulate your enduring learning throughout the course, your personal growth as a reflective eLearning professional, and list your most important takeaways from the course (1 paragraph each). For the list of my most important takeways you can talk about Riddles nine elements of digital citizenship.