2 essays

The essay questions are the following (pick one):

1. In his essay Postscripts on the Societies of Control, Gilles Deleuze describes two paradigms of contemporary life and society. What are they? Are one or both applicable to our current situation? In your answer, you should go into detail about the two paradigms and give concrete examples from the text.

2. What does CAE mean by an act of cultural resistance? Give an example from current art and/or design practice. Back up your answer with direct examples from the CAE text.

3. Describe one concept that has been discussed during the semester that you have been most influenced by. Describe how, why and how you might use that concept eventually in your own work.

3-4 pages with citations and chicago style bibliography

All texts come from the new media reader and can be found online… if you don’t let me know which question you are using and i will gladly send it to you

the other essay is:

For those of you who missed Mark Hansen’s talk, you can find a similar

version of it on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Siz1PU1dkdQ

You should watch the video and then answer the following


What does Mark Hansen mean by 21st century media? How does it differ from

19th and 20th century media? In your answer, give examples that Hansen

talks about to back up your argument.