answer the question with at least 300 words

  1. Read the prompt carefully and research an answer
  2. Try explaining the concept verbally to someone to see if your explanation is clear
  3. Write an explanation of the concept as if it were an email to a friend
  4. Cover all the questions asked in the prompt. Your best bet is to start a paragraph for each part of the prompt and lead with what that part of the prompt asks.
  5. Write at least 300 words
  6. Include at least two sources (one that is not Wikipedia) at the end of the email. A URL and title is all that is needed for the source.

the ques:

Watch the video in this article Time Magazine Article. Then answer these questions:

  • What is the main thrust of this story?
  • Where does data on you come from?
  • Why does each source think so differently about Joel Stein?
  • How could all these sources come to agreement?