Argumentative essay

Assignment Overview

In this essay, you will develop an argument in response to a claim asserted in an essay that I provide below. Therefore, your essay will require you to both summarize the text and use quotation, as well as develop your own argument in a well-developed essay. 

Choosing the Text

To begin this assignment, you will obviously need to select a text, as well as a specific claim, to which you will respond with a claim of your own. The specific claim to which you respond can be the text’s central assertion (its thesis statement), but it doesn’t need to be. Since an essay’s argument is made up of many major and minor claims, you can choose any assertion made by the author as the starting point for your essay. As such, I’d encourage you to take advantage of the course work and discussions you’ve already completed, looking for points of disagreement, agreement, or ambivalence in your readings and discussions of these texts that have previously piqued your interest. Specifically, I would recommend beginning with your dialectical journals,in which you’ve already started to reflect on the claims and arguments of others, as well as in the seminars, where you’ve been able to engage in dialogue—even debate—concerning these claims and your reflections.

Length: 4-6 pages (1000-1500 words) Formatting: MLA or APA (pay close attention to all document formatting requirements specified in your textbook)

Special instructions: In the second paragraph of your essay (immediately following your introduction) you need to provide a summary of your selected text, beginning with a generalized summary of the argument, and then narrowing down to the specific claim to which your essay’s thesis will be responding, either in agreement, disagreement, or both. Note that this is NOT a research paper. As such, choose with care the claim to which you will respond in your essay. Be sure it’s one that you can adequately respond to using logical evidence based on your experience and personal knowledge. You certainly may choose to use additional material from other sources, but if you do so, be sure that you correctly cite these sources according to your chosen citation style (APA or MLA).