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Two Gardens

Visit a minimum of two “kinds” of gardens (a public garden, a friend or acquaintance’s garden, a community garden, your own garden, a radically different kind of garden). As you visit these places, take notes about your observations and then write a few paragraphs which reflect your first observations about “what a garden is” and […]

Character Analysis Short Stories

Answer these Questions on the short story “The Lottery”(1948) by Shirley Jackson What is the point of the story? What is the author saying? Analyze all the characters. Consider character traits{i.e. physical, intellectual, emotional, behavioral,moral) and motivation. Consider some or all of the following questions Why does he or she do what he or she […]

Module 9 Assignment 1

INSTRUCTIONS: Interviews are experiences most of us encounter in our lives, and they can be seen in our popular culture. Watch the following videos and evaluate the job candidates. Although these clips are taken from television shows or movies, the candidates exhibit both good and bad interview techniques. Evaluate the following items: dress, introductions, body […]

what are misconceptions of juvenile female offenders, writing homework help

Write a 500-750 word paper in APA style discussing what risk factors have been identified and associated with higher incidences of female offending. What are some myths and misconceptions of juvenile female offenders?In your paper, include a title sheet and 2-3 cited references to support your ideas. Only one reference may be found on the […]

the writing assignment

The topic : Imagine an adventurous trip taken to a foreign country for the first time by a student called Alice, who has never been far from home before. Tell the details of what she did, what happened to her, and how she felt about the events. Whichever topic you choose, include in your story […]

Recommendations for Business Negotiation in Germany Paper

*******Only need to write for the RECOMMENDATION Part***** This project is for a negotiating globally class, and is a presentation to prepare a negotiation profile of GERMANY !!! and to provide recommendations for a U.S. international business person who will enter into a negotiation in Germany! The direction is attached below under the project instruction […]

Mitigation, writing homework help

To complete each of the three essays, you should: The essay is worth 50 points. Explain what mitigation is, and how it differs from other emergency management disciplines, describe three mitigation tools, and describe their benefits and shortcomings, and name three impediments to mitigation, and describe each using a real or fictitious scenario within a […]

Persuasive Eassy Answer to a Prompt

Read the prompt below and the accompanying information. Consider your position on the issue. Then respond to the prompt with a well-developed multiparagraph essay. Included Information to make sure how to write the correct Persuasive answer, Strategy Writting MÏNIMUN 650 WORDS Persuasive Prompt Answer: SEE THE END OF THE PAGE Prompt For 15 years, Hollyfield […]