Child Development Lesson 7 Discussion #1

Lesson 7: Social Emotional Development

Step 1: Review lesson content that discusses the roles of culture and gender in children’s social emotional development. Review Child and Adolescent Development, Chapter 7: As you review, make note of information that will help you to describe the roles that culture and gender play in children’s social emotional development.

Step 2: Discuss how culture and gender impact social emotional development. Your goal is to discuss how both culture and gender impact the social emotional development of young children. Focus your response on one of the following aspects of children’s social emotional development:

  • Play
  • Friendships
  • Sociability
  • Cognitive influences
  • Social influences
  • Biological influences
  • Familial influences
  • Identity
  • Emotion expression and control

Once you have chosen your focus for this discussion, describe ways that gender and cultural differences may play a role in a child’s experiences, responses, and feelings with the topic. Use the following questions to guide your response:

  • Why do gender and culture matter in children’s social emotional development?
  • Does one gender or culture seem to have an advantage in this specific area of social emotional development?
  • What challenges might different kinds of children face, in terms of the topic you chose?
  • How can professionals work to foster positive social emotional development for all children, especially in regard to this specific area of social emotional development?

Support your response with specific details from the textbook and Lesson 7 content. Cite all material used from the text appropriately.