Child Development Lesson 7 Discussion #2

Lesson 7 Assignment Friends and Play

Assignment Overview

This assignment requires you to review the theory and research on important developmental processes that evolve through play. Based on your findings, you will write a short statement with a policy recommendation for schools outlining how play should be incorporated into the school day to post on our discussion page.


  • Review the core concepts and theories about the correlation between play and developmental processes, including challenges and benefits.
  • Post a 250 word policy recommendation to schools outlining how you believe play should be incorporated into the normal school day. Remember to support all of your arguments with references from your text and lesson materials. Cite all sources consulted appropriately.

Assignment Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Review the key themes and concepts about the relationship between play and developmental processes.

Begin this assignment by thinking about play as part of the cognitive, emotional, and social development in children. We often hear the expression “Oh, that’s just child’s play!” But, is there something else occurring as children begin to form friendships and interact through play? Are there different types of play? What are some of the challenges to healthy development through play? How should schools use play to aid in the developmental process? Or, should play be restricted to recess and after-school activities? Why or why not?

Step 2: Write a 250 word policy recommendation

Drawing from your findings, write a 250 word policy recommendation to schools outlining how play should be integrated in the normal school day. To effectively present your position, you must include supporting evidence to validate your claims using materials and concepts from Lesson 7. Remember to cite all sources that contribute to your policy recommendation. Make sure to offer information in your own words—do not copy and paste information from websites.