Complaint Letter or Memo

Complaint Letter or Memo

Can someone help me with writing a short Complaint Letter or Memo? Here are the contents needed:

Write no more than one page of content, single-spaced.

Scenario: You are unhappy about a product’s performance, either in the workplace or at home. You may choose to write about a service as well. Write a business memo or letter that details the product, the purpose for which you use it, and the features or aspects about the product that you are dissatisfied with.

Conclude your memo/letter with a call for change. You could ask your boss to consider a different product that suits your needs, or ask the maker/manufacturer to improve the product.

If you are writing about a product you use in the workplace, write a memo to your boss (it can be a fictional person).

If you are writing about a product you use at home, write a business letter to the product’s maker/manufacturer (it can be a fictional person as well).

Remember Audience – what will motivate them? 

Consider visual support or links


Think about how to write a negative message that will get the results you want

Hint: do not use a negative message to punish or insult.

Will you need to buffer any statements?

Are you concise?

Are you giving specific examples and evidence?

Is your letter correctly addressed to the right person?

Does your letter have clear information for any refund or redress you request?