Complete Each of the Discussion Boards

complete 4 (300 word db) 

Forum 2 (Module 2)

For this Discussion Board Forum, share your thoughts regarding the concept that a single crisis possesses the possibility to present either danger or opportunity for the individuals involved. Address the following question in your thread:  300 words

How can the same crisis be experienced and resolved differently by the individuals involved?  

Forum 3 (Module 4)

For this Discussion Board Forum, submit a thread containing your thoughts about the following statement and topic:

“Suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem.” Who is responsible, ultimately, for ensuring that a suicidal person does not act upon his or her impulses?

Share your thoughts, experiences, and questions about working with individuals who are experiencing suicidal ideations. 300 words

Forum 4 (Module 7)

For this Discussion Board Forum, submit a thread focusing on the following topics: 300 words

Is there such a thing as a functional substance abuser? At what point does substance use constitute a crisis in the individual who is using? How would you approach a situation like this in a friend or a family member?

Be sensitive to the fact that this is an emotional topic upon which everyone may not agree, and be respectful with your thread and replies.

Forum 5 (Module 8)

For your final Discussion Board Forum, submit a thread addressing the issue of assisting children and adolescents with crises. Pay particular attention to ways in which this would differ from assisting adults with crisis issues. You may need to supplement the information in Wright with content from a journal article or additional source in order to support your position.  300 words