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  Windows VS MAC

Do you think you have the best computer that fits you?. A computer that runs on windows is called a ‘PC’ or personal computer and is also known as IBM-compatible computer frequently based IBM microprocessor architecture. Macintosh widely known as MAC is a name used to describe computers that are originally designed, developed, marketed and distributed by Apple Inc. Both these two brands have customer loyalty in the market that selectively acquire them for variant and diverse purposes. Each one of them have different price, operating system and quality of materials made from.


  The cost of acquiring a MAC computer ranges from the minimum of over 400 dollars to higher amounts whereas to get a windows computers is relatively cheaper by about 40% of the cost. The reason for this fact is that MAC computers are made of high quality hardware materials and by a single company whereas windows computers are made by multiple manufacturers who are competing against each other and explore diverse materials such as plastic in order to reduce cost of getting a PC. MAC computers are said to be less vulnerable to viruses whereas windows computers have more virus malware targeting them. MAC computers have faster booting than windows computers due to excellent operating systems and quality hardware to complement each other. Although windows keeps on improving on their operating systems consistently, MAC is often much faster, more stable and more secure than all versions of windows. There are more software developed targeting windows due to its large market share than MAC and this is advantageous for personal computers since many people are attracted to that. The interoperability of the two operating systems is relatively good although Mac is more interoperable since it can run most programs for windows whereas windows require a particular software. Due to variant differences such as in strengths and weakness of both operating systems, Mac normally attract designers and architects whereas Windows attract bigger share of personal use and businesses.