Construction Management , writing homework help

Construction Management , writing homework help

After completing your Construction Management degree you will have an opportunity to start your own company, and you will almost certainly be asked to go work for a company. More and more companies are developing codes of conduct as formal guides to the type of behavior that is expected and encouraged while working for the company.

Using a minimum of two pages (300 words), develop a code of ethics for a company that you would either like to work for, or would like to run. You may use a number of resources available to you-and in the power point lecture notes posted on Blackboard Learn. We will be using a peer to peer review for the 1st draft, with subsequent drafts being reviewed by the Instructor. Be sure to properly cite your resources.

1st Draft-Peer to Peer

The first draft of your cover letter will be reviewed by one of your classmates-the grouping of which will be assigned by your Instructor. You are required to review your peer partner’s work as well. Please see the instructions on the attached Peer Review sheet on how to conduct a constructive review. After the initial draft has been reviewed within your peer group and discussed, the peer review and initial draft will be turned in to the instructor for review.

Attached is the lecture note with some resources