Create a story with the following vocab words

Around 200 words or less will be fine. The vocabs do not have to be in order 
  1. UX or User Experience is an umbrella term for what we do help people interact well with and get what they need from an information system.
  2. The ease of use of a system is called usability.
  3. The organization and presentation of the site’s information is called information architecture
  4. The term interaction design means creating the way the user and the system will go back and forth in a sort of conversation as the user decides what to do to reach her goal.
  5. The term graphic design describes the process of making the look and feel and layout of the system’s information and features.
  6. The term UI design describes the programming and logic behind the presentation of the information and features of a system.
  7. In the method called eye tracking, researchers look at millisecond-by-millisecond behaviors, using a machine that logs where the eyes are directed
  8. Usability field studies are where people are watched minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour as they use a system at home.
  9. Another type of research is log data analysis, where researchers look at millions of user events over the course of days, weeks, and months.
  10. In a quantitative analysis, researchers review and try to draw conclusions by calculations they perform on site logs.
  11. In a qualitative analysis, researchers watch people and try to draw conclusions from what they see the people do.
  12. The bounce rate is the percentage of people who immediately leave a page upon arriving.