dance history

Topic Selection: Within the context of 20 th – 21st century dance history in American Culture, you may choose to research a specific time period, specific style or choreographer, or a related issue (dance and technology, gender studies- such as representation of gender in specific time-period or genres, training methods, etc.). Consider what interests you, as you will build on this research throughout the semester.

Thesis: To be developed after you have teased out your options for a topic. Your thesis may be formed as a question you develop. This will be further discussed in class. (also see examples below). Methodology: Your process of weaving together the materials you gather and research you conduct to explore your topic and thesis.

Conclusion: What did you discover?How did your thesis evolve?

QUALITY: Formal writing (no slang), and an articulate, developed report of your findings

LENGTH: 7-9 pages (no cover page, not including works cited), typed, spell checked, proofread FORMAT

-All sources cited using MLA format -Double space, .12 font, 1 inch margins

SOURCES -Utilize the library database for scholarly sources and book sources. Do not rely on Wikipedia or other variable online sources, and ALWAYS check the validity of your sources (example: do not assume that all blogs are trustworthy- look into who is writing and what their credentials are). A successful research paper will draw from a variety of sources, and may include personal interview or video, in addition to print and web sources.

-At least, but not limited to five sources- you will be evaluated on the quality and thoughtful use of your sources.

PLAGIARISM: Note the SMC policy as listed on the syllabus The following are examples of possible approaches, sample topics and questions that provide a research outline

the question in the file hat I attached

The first file is the study guide.

The second file is what should read. I choose hummingbirds and channel simmers as researched target.

The third file is what I wrote.