Digital Media Project Three (DMP3) Guidelines

I want to you use my images then create a digital photo album that showcases some of my favorite photos and tells a story about the experiences represented in the images (See Dr. Jude’s Example 1). All of these pictures I took in Milwaukee, WI. Also, the personal pictures is pictures of me. Also,I would like you to write a 250-300 word reflection (typed directly into the discussion forum) that includes these elements: 1)  Explain or describe your

area of brilliance and why the skill/ability is important to you. 2)  Describe in as much detail as possible, which ability(ies) from the table in Appendix One were documented in your artifact. 3)  Discuss how you feel about yourself when you are engaging in this activity or using the skill set it requires. 4)  Describe at least two ways that you can use these skills or abilities to add value to a current or future employer or volunteer organization.

This is must be on the top of the page tittle. 


 by Mohammed Alnamleh

My pictures in link below:

 Make sure that you follow the DMP3 Guidelines in attachment: