discussion board, writing homework help

discussion board, writing homework help

I want you to write Secondary Postings (i.e. “Participation postings”) are postings to peers or instructors. These postings are 50‐100 words, posted on time and show initiative, critical thinking and are a substantial contribution to the discussion. These can be postings in agreement/ disagreement with a peer, personal examples of the topic being discussed or any other bit of information that is relevant to the course and contributes to the conversation being held. Watch that all of your postings are not opinion diatribes without backing up your points using peer reviewed material, the text or other reputable source.

I want to read this paragraph and write argument and citation and reference and please use ( I ) like I think, I agree because ….. write like I am write this thing.

the first paragraph:

I would first use all the knowledge I have gained on communication to approach this subject delicately, but in a straight-forward way. I would explain that I acknowledge the frustration and concerns, but am not able to make any educational placement recommendations without fully examining the situation from a behavioral and scientific approach, it would be unethical. I would remind the principal that a medical evaluation is necessary to rule out the influence of a medical condition or side effects from medicines (if applicable), etc. To propose a solution, even if it isn’t what the principal would prefer, I would suggest gaining permission for a full functional behavior analysis from the family and begin the process of collecting data in a scientific manner through observations (both direct and indirect).

Potential risks to me as a BCBA would be to harm the relationship/rapport with the principal, and even lose the consultation contract/income. If I succumbed to the pressure of writing that document I would tarnish my reputation, and the profession of the BACB.

Potential risks to the student could be a lack of intervention plan in place if the doctor appointment was scheduled far into the future, the principal might be “harder” on the child in the interim as a result of not getting the placement decision he/she wanted, the principal could potentially suspend the child too and that would result in a lack of academic instruction for that time period.

the second paragraph :

When meeting with the principal I would be respectful and understanding, validating her concerns. I would follow the example on table 17.3. (Bailey & Burch, 2016 p. 246) “I understand your frustration of his chronic behavior and how it disrupts others”. Then I present my point of view that we haven’t tried a to implement a strategies and are still working on completing the beginning part of collecting all necessary data. Then reinforce what we are doing, “You have done the right thing by having this meeting to try and counteract the behavior.” Then the quote the ethics protecting the client rights of their right to an intervention, let alone their the federal law in an IEP of their right to the least restrictive environment. (BACB Code of Ethics 2004). Then lastly I would propose a solution which would be go ahead and try the behavior strategies, while trying to them checked out by a doctor as quick as possible. I would try to persuade her to give it more time, assuring her she is taking the right first steps.

Like Tracy stated, I too wouldn’t want to loose that rapport with the principal being I would have future work in that school hopefully and they are part of the clients also being that I would work for them. To ensure this continuation of a good relationship abiding the ethics of third party would also need to be implemented. (BACB Code of Ethics, 2004).

so I need from each paragraph to write argument and citation or quote and reference

I will submit the chapter from the book so you can read it and cite from the book