Discussion Post (1 page)

To prepare for this Discussion, click on the Grand City Community. (If you cant click on Grand City Community type in this link: http://mym.cdn.laureate-media.com/2dett4d/Walden/EDDD/2015/CH/mm/grand_city/index.html) Find the Grand City School District Administration Offices and view the “Bringing School and Community Together” segment. Consider how you would prioritize the issue and how you would ensure an effective collaboration.

Post an explanation of how you would prioritize and present the issue to diverse stakeholders. In your post, do the following:

·  Describe what diverse stakeholders you would include and why.

·  Explain how you would validate all participants’ contributions to the meeting.

·  Describe the strategies you would use to get your desired outcome.

·  Support your response using the Learning Resources and current literature.