Discussion Post

To prepare for this Discussion, click on theGrand City Community. (If you cant click on Grand City Community, type in this link: http://mym.cdn.laureate-media.com/2dett4d/Walden/EDDD/2015/CH/mm/grand_city/index.html) Find the Grand City School District Administration Offices and view the “Case Study: Budget Cuts” segment. Assume the role of the superintendent or the principal in the media. With whom would you collaborate regarding the issue? Who are the key people with whom you must create buy-in, and how would you apply your collaborative facilitation skills to address challenges related to managing the resources?

Post(assuming the role of the superintendent or principal) who you would identify as key players in helping to secure funding and advocate for budgeting resources that support student learning. Explain the communication strategies you would use to create buy-in. Describe two potential challenges that might arise from this situation in which you, as a district leader, must address, and explain how you would effectively and collaboratively address them. Support your response with the Learning Resources and current literature.