Discussion Question (1 page)

Everyone experiences change. Sometimes it is slow; sometimes it is incredibly fast. The field of education moves rapidly, and it is important for educators, administrators, and systems to keep up with the momentum. However, the speed of change is not always easy to manage. As a leader, you must consider how to develop your collaborative facilitation skills in times where change is moving quickly.

To prepare for this Discussion, click on the Grand City Community. If you cant click on the Grand City Community hyperlink, type in this link: http://mym.cdn.laureate-media.com/2dett4d/Walden/EDDD/2015/CH/mm/grand_city/index.html). Find the Grand City School District Administration Offices and view the “Collaboration and the Speed of Change” segment. Select one of the administrators in the media, and consider how you might address the situation presented in the media in that role.

Post the identity of the administrator you selected. Explain how you would address the situation presented in the media in the role of that administrator. Analyze the impact the rapid speed of change might have on your role and your responsibilities as a district administrator. Explain what strategies you might use to ensure the outcome of the change would support the best learning environment for the students. Support your response using the collaborative facilitation strategies on the six secrets of change.