section 1

  • Purpose of the Negotiation (300–400 words)
    • Characteristics of negotiations (why negotiate)
      • Discuss the purpose of negotiations in the supply chain.
      • Discuss at least 2 situations where negotiation is appropriate.
      • Discuss at least 2 common negotiation situations.
  • Desired outcome (300–400 words)
    • Discuss the desired outcomes of your organization.
      • Discuss the importance of identifying the organization’s goals and objectives as a part of negotiation planning.
      • Define and describe the term most desirable outcome (MDO).

section 2

Key Negotiation Strategies

  • Pertinent information (400–600 words) (Probable negotiation tactics, nature of current relationships)
    • Relationships and interdependence
      • Discuss the importance of relationships in negotiations.
      • Describe at least 2 tactics for managing conflict in negotiations.
  • Interests, desires, and motivations (400–600 words)
    • Strategy and tactics
      • Compare and contrast distributive and integrative negotiations.
      • Based on your research, discuss at least 2 integrative negotiation skills or tactics.