ece497 week 5 discussion 1 RESPONSE a.b.

ece497 week 5 discussion 1 RESPONSE a.b.

Respond to a peer with further suggestions on how to work with Connor to enjoy his time in class, or with further ideas on how we can be respectful of cultural and social differences in discipline. 150 words or more.

What feedback would you give to this parent (keeping in mind that we must be respectful of parenting choices) and why?

I would sympathize with the parent, and say “I know that you’re frustrated, and I can see that you are very upset. Sometimes it is a hard transition from home to school, and maybe we can give Connor a few extra minutes to settle in for the day.” I would also offer to set up a parent/teacher conference so we could talk about strategies in a more confidential setting. I would give her the time to cool off, and maybe when she came that night to pick Connor up, she would’ve had time to process everything that happened that morning. I would ask what their morning routine consisted of, and what might have set him off that morning. I would also give mom ideas on how to make the transition smoother for her and Connor in the morning. Give him verbals on what is going to happen, and give him choices throughout the morning. Something as simple as not being able to choose the shoes he wanted to wear could’ve started the frustration in Connor.

How could this feedback potentially have a positive effect on this child’s behavior?

I believe that this feedback would be very beneficial to Connor, because hopefully his parents would use the techniques we talk about in our conference. I would also make sure that we were using the same techniques in the classroom as well. If both home and school are on the same page as far as how we handle behavior, then there should be an improvement in Connor’s behavior.

◦How would you help Connor enjoy his class time? Will you talk to him about what happened? If so, what will you say? If not, why?

I would make sure Connor had time to settle in for the day, and space if he needed it. I would also make sure he had extra support when he needed it as well. If he needed a 1 to 1 aide, I would make sure that happened. I’m not sure if I would talk about his behavior after the fact. It might stir up the same emotions, and he may act out again. If he brings it up, I will talk about it, and we can discuss good ways of dealing with his anger may be.

How can we respect cultural and social differences in discipline while still upholding the regulations of the setting in which you are working?

Like in the video “My Mama Say”, it is so important to first and foremost respect the parent’s decisions in how they want to raise their children. Also acknowledge what the parent’s beliefs are, and ask them for their help, like what Rita Pierson says in the video. I really agree with what she said in the video, and it is still respectful to the parents. Letting the parents in on how their children are interpreting their “rules” I think can be an eye opener for them. If anything, I believe that having the communication with the parents, can in turn make them more aware of what is acceptable at school and at home.