Edit ISearch paper for final

My Pairs: Venus of Willendorf & The Swing by Jean Fragonard

Professor Note: it’s a good start but needs a lot of polishing and needs to be a lot longer.
(research Paper) 1200-1500 words You

should give a better description of the Swing (just look accurately,

tell me what you see in terms of composition, colors, subject, depiction

of nature) Write a more critical gender analysis of both pieces

(remember that the author of the Willendorf sculpture is unknown, do not

assume it was a man. Fragonard, on the other hand, was a man for sure!

Make sure you read it and edit carefully (your vocabulary is at times

odd). Use Grammarly or go to the Student Help Center… Your ideas

deserve to be presented clearly and without mistakes!

Note: Make sure you include that Swing is the high-class level of people that they don’t have any critical thing to do we can tell because of the way her dressed up she is rich. And they spend the time fo enjoying themselves and having fun with the guy that seeing her legs open which is the appearance of the painting.

But compare to the Willendorf we can see hard working of women on that earlier time and her body showing that she had a pregnancy , and had a more important job to do as a woman not just having fun.

You will write at least TWO annotations for your Research paper.

  • author credentials
  • type of source and the intended audience
  • purpose/ bias/ points of view
  • relevance of source to the paper