EDU692 Ashford Limited School Budgets and Family Income Question

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1.Place based education has been around forever, but is newly renamed as such.  With limited school budgets and family income, how can these educational experience (field trips) be equitable across schools from differing socioeconomic areas?


2. Equity is giving every student what he/she needs in order to be successful. Equality is treating each student the same.

Here is an example of equity: As a first grade teacher, we have a web based tool of instruction that we use in order to monitor students progression throughout the school year. We use equity simply because we want our students to be successful while utilizing these tools of instruction. We collaborate as a grade level to think of various strategies to ensure that our students are receiving the resources needed to increase academic achievement.

Here is an example of equality: Many students come into the classroom with a specific learning disability or multiple intelligence. Every student learns on different levels, but as a teacher I have to understand my students so that I may know which strategies I need to use in order to make sure that student A is mastering the objective, then I also have to use another approach for student B because his learning ability may be completely different from the student above, which will then cause students to use those words: “that’s not fair.” When these situations occur in the classroom, it needs to be addressed on the fact that student B or students A learns in a different way than others and most students will understand that everyone is not the same and that we are all different, even down to the way we learn.

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In your responses, comment on the degree to which you feel their examples will be helpful in promoting student understanding of the value of equity in the classroom and ask them to elaborate if needed. As with previous discussions, though two replies are the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you. need 100 words for each

3. When helping my students understand why equity is more important than equality, I will use the above referenced photos to explain the differences.For equality, I would state that in photo number one, each child was given an equal stack of books to stand on but, the needs of each child were not met, as not every child succeeded. In photo number two, each person was given the same bike. However, that bike was too big for the child, too small for the man, and the lady in the wheelchair cannot ride that type of bike. So, the needs of each person were not met. To describe equity using photo number one, I would state that the children were provided with the amount of books necessary to succeed individually. Lastly, in photo number two, each person has the type of bike and in the size that they need to successfully ride.