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you wrote 2 pages essay about my volunteering in my daughter’s school (ridge ruxton school). now i want you to write the proposal for it using this picture down. i will upload your essay that you wrote it for me. Thank you

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     The daily life activities of an individual are the outcome of his personal, environmental and occupational experiences. His performance is controlled by motor, cognitive and physical responses to certain tasks. Occupational Therapy is a modern technique which helps the persons with any physical, mental or psychological disability to be independent and to make them confident enough to carry out their tasks and to make their performance effective in their occupation. Occupational therapist OT after understanding of person’s weaknesses and impairment, help him to meet his expectation about his abilities and skills.

  The day I spent with my daughter in her school was one of the best day of my life. That say I realized the untold psychological problem of small creations of God. The motor, sensory, physical and mental disabilities of these young children affect their learning abilities. The children with special needs also require personal growth and learning experiences to be a skill full person of the society he lives in. The occupation of small kids in their young age is their ability to learn, play and understand their environment. This knowledge then becomes the part of their behavior and values. Ridge Ruxton is one of the best school of the area which provide awfully caring environment to the disable students to make them confident and independent by focusing on their personal growth. The students here come from different sects of society with different mental, psychological and physical disabilities. The staff of the school is really very caring and helpful who dedicated themselves for the betterment of special children. Their devotion and commitment to these young children who rely on them to learn how to eat, walk, read and behave, is wonderful.  (Occupational Therapy , 2016)

     That day, the students from other schools were also invited. They participated in racing together and playing games. Seeing them to express their happiness after their success was the best sight of my life which hit my heart with the feeling of overwhelmed love for them. After a long session of playing and racing, the school staff helped them to eat their lunch. After that it was the time of occupational therapist who regularly visit them for their personal growth with discussions and involvement with them. I helped occupational therapist to organize the class rooms. It was a heartwarming experience. Occupational therapist then paid attention to every student and helped him to do certain task according to his/her disability. For example Kim, 7 years old, was unable to keep steady movements due to the malfunctioning of motor neurons. OT taught him how to hold pencil to write, he also taught him how to copy from blackboard. Julie who was a cute girl of 4 years, cannot walk due to her backbone disorder. OT was very kind to her. He taught him the use of specialized equipment such as wheel chair and devices for dress change. There were other students too, whom he went to.

   The young impaired students experience failure in daily life tasks and low self-esteem and confidence which influence their performance in physical activities, social relations with friends and family and academic excellence and learning. The occupational therapist apply top-down approach to make their performance affective and confident. (Whalen, 2002)

     Ridge Ruxton, by applying the advancements in the field of occupational therapy to their students, is helping them in a divine way for their personal growth, creating self-confidence and making them a skillful fragment for their society.