Effective Bussiness Communication Discussion Post

Effective Business Communication: Research and Writing Skills

Module 2 introduces you to skills for conducting research. Since research skills are critical in today’s information age, this discussion will analyze skills needed for utilizing electronic or other types of information sources.

Please select a reference-based website that is of interest to you and can assist you with your writing skills. Provide a complete APA citation for that website. NOTE: Aim to find a more scholarly based website rather than a random website about writing that might be trying to sell services versus a true reference site.

Then use the guidelines from the lecture in this module to evaluate the quality of the materials on the site to analyze the site and answer the following questions:

  1. What type of domain does it come from? (educational, nonprofit, commercial, government, etc.) Read the URL carefully.
  2. Is it published by an entity you think is trustworthy? Who “published” the page?
  3. What aspects of this website provide information to assist you in mastering the skills of professional writing?