Example essay

Example essay


Draft due: 4.21

Revision due: 5.19

Length: 3-4 pages (minimum 650 words)


The textbook says that the example ‘represents or sometimes shows the primary nature of the larger group to which it belongs.’

In this essay, you will use your personal preferences here, with regards to books, movies, or television shows, or you can chose a specific musical recording/performance as the best of its genre (be as specific as possible—not just ‘rock,’ ‘hip hop,’ ‘country’ et cetera). You must detail why your favorite book, film, show is the best of its genre (romance, comedy, science fiction, suspense, horror, tragedy, super hero, sport, historical, mythical, etc.). In other words, detail how your favorite best exemplifies the genre’s ‘primary nature’ in such a way that is simply superior to all others in that genre that you have encountered.

For example, I might say that my genre is historical speculative fiction (i.e. novels set in the past but that are firmly in the world of speculative [meaning, “what if X could actually have happened?”] fiction in them), and my favorite example of a book in this genre is Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon because it plays around with the infinitely interesting history of World War Two; the history of computers; codes and code breaking; the Internet and its origins; and it features such real historical figures as General McArthur, Admiral Yamamoto, and Alan Turing in it, as well as a wizard who has been alive since at least the late Renaissance. It’s a fun book, if a little long at 900 pages.

Be detailed, be descriptive, be impassioned. Describe your favorite book, film, tv show within its genre but show why it is the superlative example of that genre.