Explaining Concepts Essay

Choose a concept that interests you enough to study further. Write an essay explaining the concept and using information from outside sources (credible journals, books, websites, etc.) to support your explanation. Consider carefully what your readers already know about the concept and how your essay can add to their knowledge.

The paper must be two to three pages in length (not including title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. Cite your resources in text and on the reference page 

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For thousands of years parents spanked their children to teach them the consequences of wrong doing. Whether it was for breaking a window or getting bad grades, discipline was carried out with a swift hand or paddle to the rear. Now parents use other types of discipline to change the habits of their children. One that seems to be a favorite is the time-out method. In this situation the child is made to sit quietly by their selves and contemplate what they have done. Whichever side you come down on, there is a huge debate going on in our country and I will give you views from each segment of the population.

  As a child I was spanked many times and even was paddled in school. I was not the best child and was rather “mouthy” to my teachers in school. Maybe it is the fact that I am in my forties, but I just thought that spanking was the way to change the behavior of children. When I look back, I was spanked a lot. Was it because I was bad or was it just not a viable form of discipline? I would venture to say I was either spanked by my parents or school officials in the range of one-hundred times. As I look back I would have to say that maybe corporal punishment was not such a deterrent in my case.

   I have witnessed children being disciplined by being spanked and it always make me think about how it did not work in my case. I am sure that there are many children that have been spanked and have learned their lesson. Being raised in a Christian home was probably why my parents felt so strongly about using corporal punishment. In the Bible there is a scripture that speaks of this very subject. “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them (Proverbs 13:24)”. My parents and many others viewed this as the way to go.

  The idea of spanking has become taboo in America. In some cases I think parents have taken this scripture and used as an excuse to beat their children. I am now a parent of two children and do not spank them. It is not because I do not follow what the Bible teaches, it is because I do not want to lose my temper and hurt my children. Many people just think it is wrong and does not serve the purpose others do. “Of all the controversial issues in parenting perhaps none is more heated than spanking. Most of us probably can recount seeing an out-of-control parent in a parking lot or supermarket (if not in a home) smack a child. And if you’ve seen it once, it likely left an indelible impression (Clayton, V. 2007)”.

  Many now lean towards the time-out type of discipline and think the physical type leads to many future problems for children. “The majority of psychologists, however, come down decidedly on the anti-spanking side. And the American Academy of Pediatrics is firmly against spanking and hitting, saying in a policy statement that “corporal punishment is of limited effectiveness and has potentially deleterious side effects. Researcher Paul Frick of the University of New Orleans in Louisiana warns spanking and hitting can lead to later emotional and behavioral problems. Even children who are only smacked occasionally are more likely to show signs of depression or lower self-esteem, he says (Clayton, V. 2007)”.

  “Time out works best for children 3 to 6 years of age. To start, only use time out for serious misbehaviors, such as hitting or deliberately doing something destructive, dangerous or for extreme disobedience. Discuss the behaviors with your child. If the child is old enough, have him or her suggest some behaviors that deserve a time out (2011)”. When as parents we become too angry we need to take a step back so not to end up doing something we will regret. By actually sitting the child down and explaining what they have done, and why they are being given a time-out, works best.

  As a child I was spanked, and now as a parent, I have witnessed both sides of the issue. I can honestly say that if I did not learn my lesson after one or two instances of spankings, I was never going too. Children do not need to be disciplined in this way because it will have long lasting effects on them. I can see that I was able to raise my children without using this type of punishment and it worked. They are fourteen and twelve and are doing just fine. As this issue continues to go on here in America we must think about the children. Hitting a child will not teach them a good lesson. In the end it only teaches them violence so try the time-out method and see how your child reacts.

This is someone else’s work in classroom, this is to show you what essay is like thanks, you need to pick a different topic, and thanks