Final Research Paper

This is instructions for your final research paper. You are to choose one of the following topics to write your paper on.

Suggested Research Paper Topics

  1. Alternatives to Microsoft software
  2. Customer service and tech support issues
  3. End user education
  4. History or overview of an operating system
  5. Improving PC reliability
  6. Network client software
  7. Network operating systems
  8. PC security
  9. Terminal emulation
  10. Windows tips and tricks

APA Format:

  • Length at least 3 pages excluding cover page, illustrations, and references
  • Margins 1″ on all sides, half inch indent
  • Spacing Double-spaced for normal text, single-spaced for long quotes, and double-space references
  • Font Size 12 point, Times New Roman
  • Illustrations Welcome if good quality, reference them under picture
  • Cover Sheet Should include topic, student name, course ID, Instructors name and date (does not count toward word count)
  • References A total of four references must be used. Your text book(CompTIA A+Guide to Hardwae 6th edition) can be one reference and is a good place to start. References must be listed on a reference page at the end of your paper
  • Style: Please use writing template in Doc Sharing


See the list of topics above. Your topic MUST be chosen from this list.


All works and illustrations used in your paper must be cited; this means crediting the source where you found the information, you used to support your work. If you fail to give credit for copyrighted information you present as your own work, which constitutes plagiarism, and will be penalized by a zero for the project.


  • References used – This is the source material you used to support your research project.