Half the Sky Discussion Board forum, writing homework help

Half the Sky Discussion Board forum, writing homework help

At least the first half of Half the Sky should have been read by the time you respond to this Discussion Board forum. The following quotations from the book offer contrasting views:

“Prostitution is inevitable. There has always been prostitution in every country. And what’s a young man to do from the time when he turns eighteen until when he gets married at thirty?”

“I was terrified to see this huge man in front of me. I cried a lot and fell to his feet, pleading. But I couldn’t make him understand me. He pulled off my dress, and the rapes went on for a month like that. He made me sleep naked beside him, and he drank a lot….It was a very painful experience. I had lots of bleeding.”

“These girls are sacrificed so that we can have harmony in society. So that good girls can be safe.”

Discuss sex work, prostitution, and human trafficking in LDCs and whether or not you support a “legalize-and-regulate” model for sex workers. Use examples from Half the Sky to defend your position.

Directions: Respond to the above question in an essay of no less than 600 words. Each essay must show evidence of the reading assignment having been read. The last statement of the essay must be a question of no less than 20 words, which is addressed to all participants in the class, relating to the subject being discussed. Submit only one posting on this Discussion Board, which is the 600+word response to the question above and the 20 + word question that follows.