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Choose a topic of your own and write formal definition essay of a word, a phrase, or a concept that you believe requires explanation beyond its denotative meaning.  Remember that you should use a one-sentence formal definition as a starting point. Follow the tips and established pattern of organization for a definition essay and use the models given in the chapter as your guides.

Please read Chapter 14 carefully and pay close attention to the tips for writing one-sentence definition, which could be the thesis of your essay.  Please follow “Drafting Your Formal Definition Paper” closely when you write your own paper and make sure that your paper should have three divisions: an introduction that contains your one-sentence definition as your thesis, a division that that discusses the class, and final division that discusses the differentiation. Don’t forget to have a conclusion paragraph at the end of your essay.

Your essay should have at least
900 words, double-spaced, font-size 12

My Topic is : Happiness.

please use MLA Style, and the plagiarism less than 5%. Please read “Drafting Your Formal Definition Paper”, “Approached to a Definition Essay on the Topic of Happiness”, and a example I have attached.