Healthy eating, Limiting pollution, assignment help

Healthy Eating

A healthy eating involves eating of four types of food groups so that to feel good and ensure that one maintains a healthy living. A healthy eating essentially helps one in lowering the risk of contracting the disease as a result of improved immune system, and it also helps one in maintaining a healthy weight. In essence, the key to a healthy eating is to ensure one takes a balanced diet that is eating the right amount of food and eating a wide variety of foods in right proportions. A healthy eating, therefore, involves taking vegetables, fruits, whole grains like barley, low-fat milk, proteins such fish or meat alternatives such as beans. Hence, one should avoid foods that are processed such as fries, cookies, soft drinks, nachos, candies, etc.

Limiting Pollution

Pollution refers to the contamination of air, soil, water through harmful substances as a result of human activities such as from industries and factories. Well, the release of this harmful substance essentially affects ozone layer or contaminates water even changes weather conditions such as global warming. it is important to reduce or prevent or limit pollution levels. Limiting pollution reduces or eliminates pollution at source so that less harmful substances are released into the atmosphere and when toxic substances are eliminated from the production process. Thus through this, human health is protected, the environment is protected which leads to an improvement of the economy of a country.