history essay

history essay

Please provide a post in response to one of the following questions. Do so by clicking on “Discussion 10.” You will then click “Create Thread” (upper left-hand corner) and provide your response in the field that appears. An ideal post would be two solid paragraphs (that includes a thesis statement, a body of supporting evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points). The post should be well constructed and free of grammatical errors, and be between 250 and 300 words. You do not need to undertake outside research in order to answer the question; although you may, if you like. It is a wise strategy to create your response as a Word document (that way, you have a copy for yourself). You must cite your sources both in your response and below it (Bibliography), using the Chicago Style citation format. Students who do not cite their work can expect to receive only a minimum grade of 60% for this assignment. It is expected that our textbook by Shi and Tindall will be a source and should likewise be accessed and cited. Late responses will be penalized at 5% per day.

Choose one (1) question.

1. What were the factors that led to the election of Ronald Reagan, the rise of the conservative movement, and the resurgence of the Republican party?

2. What is “Reaganomics”? What were its effects on American society and economy?

3. How did President Reagan’s Soviet strategy help end the cold war?

4. What were the social and economic issues and innovations that emerged during the 1980s?

5. What was the impact of the end of the cold war and the efforts of President George H.W. Bush to create a post-cold war foreign policy?