HSPM 100W San Jose State Leadership Development Plan Paper

HSPM 100W San Jose State Leadership Development Plan Paper

The main objective of this course is to help you discover your potential in leadership and develop a plan to improve your leadership skills. Therefore, the midterm exam will include an essay section that requires you to write a leadership development plan for yourself. The plan should consist of five components below:

1. Career vision: Please describe what you want to accomplish in the next 5 years. Please specify the career path you want to pursue in 5 years. (hotel management!!!!!) (hotel event)

2. Key skills: Based on your career vision, identify those important skills needed for your future career. Among the 21 skills listed in the RICE RCEL checklist, you need to select a minimum of THREE skills on which you wish to work this year. These are skills that are important, urgent, or for which there is a significant gap that needs to be closed. Please explain why the three skills are your priorities.

3. Action plan: Please develop a list of actionable items that you can do to make improvements in those leadership skills. There are three main ways to improve your skills: adjusting job structure, taking formal training, and engaging in self-directed activities.

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4. Mentoring & Resources Map. Please complete the map to examine those resources available to support your leadership development. You can describe how to utilize these resources in your action plan (part 3).

5. Assessment Methods. Please describe how you can evaluate the improvement of your leadership skills. There are different ways to assess your progress in leadership skills. For example, you can use some assessment tools or questionnaires to test your current skill level. Then, you can retake the same assessment later. You can compare the results of your assessments to see if there is an improvement. You can also ask other people’s opinions about you. You can ask your mentor, supervisor, or co-workers to see if they observe any changes in your leadership skills.

Format Requirement:

Your plan should be at least 4 pages, including 3 pages of narratives and 1 page of mentoring& resources map. Your action items can be listed in bullet points.

I strongly recommend you to start your work now so that you can get it ready before the midterm exam. Then, it will just take a few seconds for you to upload the file during the midterm exam.