Human Perception

1st need properly formatted title page 2nd need in text cite at beginning where says Bridgeman. 3rd need citation where says guided stimuli under in contrast. 4th Under The research is based on the comparrison ( According to the author I need a author there. 5th below where it starts The research carried out by Bridgeman it need a proper cite. 6th next starting The participants in the survey did it voluntarly ok so each paragraph needs at least 3 sentences.7th in the end where says (Taking the above into account) needs a more clear and concise synthesis of the above stated information before stating the question. Next in the gap area needs more info becaause it’s underdeveloped. Need to determine a good research design that addresses research question and explain why it was chosen. Next add more about how the approach to accounting for issues of ethics was informed by review of the existingresearch in the field