i interviewed a lady from different culture that mine, i would like you to write

So i want you to write 4-5 five pages about Carmen from the information i provide, as we have different culture and background. In addition, i will upload an paragraph that i started. also you can add as long information as you want. for the recored, we both came to the USA for different reasons, i came to study and she came for work.     

introduction abou her:

Carmen Echeverria


07/19/1961, 54 years old


Invent a small company for housekeeping

 Questions that i asked her:

How long have you been in the U.S?

12 years

What is the different between your generations and nowadays?

Well, technology for sure. Back in the days people are more likely to be independent, but now is like technology seems to take over control.

What is your education background?

High school. 

If you would explain education, what would you say?

Education is the key to free your mind. 

What is the different from education in the U.S and your country?

Well, in my country the education is important, but in the U.S education is everything. However, in the U.S there are a lot of opportunities such as scholarships, education system etc.   

How is the school system in your country?

School is okay, but they need to work on the school system and improve it.

What do you think it takes to be a good teacher?

You have to be a hero because teachers are the leaders, so good leader good future.

Where do you work at? And how long have you been working?

I worked as housekeeper and babysitter for 12 years.

 Why did you decide to come to the U.S?

Well, 12 years ago my country had some issues with economy and I was broke.  So I decided to come and work here.

 How is the life in your country? (In general)

Life is more relaxed and fun, and family is really important. But, I don’t like the corruption that’s happening in my country.

 Do you support guy marriage? Explain

Yes I support gay marriage, but I disagree with adoption with gay marriage.