I-Search Literature Study

I-Search Literature Study

As the school librarian or literacy specialist for a K-6 school, you have been asked to develop a theme of study for school-wide implementation to promote student literacy.  The focus of your role is to provide a collection of 20-25 selections of children’s literature that support your theme. Your collection must include texts that meet each of the following criteria (one book may meet multiple criteria):

  • All 8 genres of children’s literature as defined by your text must be represented.
  • There must be a balance of the number of titles for the early elementary (ages 5-7) and intermediate (ages 8-10) school levels.
  • At least one title must address your theme from a multicultural perspective.
  • At least one title must be the recipient of a well-recognized literary award.

Your 8-10 page paper will be completed using an I-Search format, which is a first person narrative of not only your findings, but an account of your search.  Your paper must include the following components in your format.

  • A brief description of how/why you chose your topic.
  • A narrative of your search for appropriate titles.  You are strongly encouraged to conduct at least some of your search at your local library or bookstore.  It is difficult to gain the necessary familiarity with a text from online summaries and reviews.
  • A summary of at least one interview with a personal source (librarian, literacy specialist at a school site, knowledgeable bookseller).
  • An annotated bibliography of your 20-25 titles.  Include a summary in your own words as well as why you chose to include the selection in your literature study.  Make sure to identify the titles that meet the required criteria.

Reference your text and at least two additional sources in your paper. Your annotated bibliography needs to follow proper APA format for your literature selections and any additional resources. Your paper should be written using proper APA format as outlined in your approved style guide.