Instructional Strategies, writing homework help

Using a project or theme create an instructional strategies web that identifies all of the instructional strategies that you will use to teach the theme. For example if you were teaching about farm animals some of the information you would want to present through direct instruction and other information would be presented through exploration or centers.

You can create your web in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. For some examples to get your thinking started.

Your web should include the following levels-

Main Theme (Center of the web)

  • Each concept or subject area to be covered with the theme
    • What information will be covered within each concept and/or subject area
      • What teaching strategies will you use to teach each concept (tip: you may list more than one teaching strategy for a single concept)

In addition to your completed web you should include a one page written document that explains why you chose the teaching strategies that you did for each concept. Keep in mind that your web and the document should include enough details that another person could implement this theme based on your documentation.

*********MY THEME IS DINOSAUR***********