Introduction To Information System Discussion Questions

Introduction To Information System Discussion Questions

  • The number of computing devices has been growing to a degree where it is difficult to choose between them. What devices do you currently use on a regular basis? If you could only have one device, which device would you choose and why? If you had to give up one of the devices you currently use, which one would it be and why? If you could add a new device, what would it be and why?

“Writing Skills” Please respond to the following: (Address ALL questions)

Are we quickly becoming a society that cannot write correctly?

In A Visit from the Goon Squad (which won the 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction and the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction), the author, Jennifer Egan suggests we will turn in to a texting society that spells phonetically using capital “A” to represent a long “A” and lowercase “a” to represent a short “a”. .

Here are a couple of examples from the book. Pls wAt 4 me, my bUtiful wyf. -and- No 1 nOs abt me. Im invysbl.

Do you see this happening? Would someone in NYC still be able to communicate with someone from Georgia?

As a child, I can remember being told to use my “telephone” voice. That meant to enunciate my words properly and not speak in the vernacular. You never know where the person on the other end of the phone is located. You want to be sure you are understood despite that strong southern accent. Here is an example of how using your “telephone” voice would have been more profitable. Was this fair?

Some students get offended when I say your peers and your professors form opinions of you by the way you write in an online class because that’s all we have. How important is it that you write well in a professional or educational setting? Am I just behind the times in requiring you to write properly?