letter of intent, writing assignment help

letter of intent, writing assignment help

This is a letter of intent!

It should be in an essay format answering the following questions.

– Address why you were not more successful in your undergraduate program (be specific), what would you could have done differently, and what has changed since completing your undergraduate program.

· Discuss the differences, if any, between undergraduate and graduate education in terms of performance expectations.

· What is your plan of action for success in the MBA program should you be accepted into the program. For example, what support systems and additional resources do you have should they be needed?

· Explain why you are interested in the MBA degree and what is motivating you to pursue the degree.

· Keep in mind that your letter of intent should demonstrate that you have learned from past mistakes, have a clear, thoughtful plan for success, and that you will dedicate the time and effort necessary to overcome any shortcomings.


My bachelor major was on Restoration of forestry and forest reserves “Technology of woodworking” specialization. I am applying for MBA in Management Information Systems specialization. The reason why I didnt have good grades on bachelor was that I was focusing on IT related conferences, courses etc. Generally my intend was to be specialized on IT rather. Please make sure that you focus on this issue somehow just extend the idea.

Please leave those spaces empty that University name is needed to be mentioned. You can just put “XXXX University” .