Maleficent’s Artifects Portfolio Making Help

Artifacts (a.k.a. Process Work)

  • You will also include artifacts of your own choosing that show important elements of your writing process. Be selective—this isn’t about including all of your process work, but drawing attention to a few key moments that indicate significant changes in your habits, reading and writing process, and/or learning moments.
  • Each artifact should be analyzed and connected to your arguments about your writing process and progress in the portfolio introduction itself.
  • Each artifact must also be accompanied by an analytical caption, in which you explain why you’ve selected each artifact, building on the arguments you made in the portfolio introduction. Captions should be positioned at the top of the page, and perhaps distinguished with a different font color. They should point me to moments/parts of the artifact that you want me to notice and say why.
  • Eligible process work may include in-class writing, critical reading exercises and RIP exercises, essay drafts, and/or other writing or notes relevant to our class. Your selections should offer compelling supporting examples for the points you make in your Portfolio Introduction.
  • For the final portfolio, there is no limit to the number of artifacts you can include. Just remember that you must discuss every artifact you include somehow in your introductory essay and write a caption for it.
  • All artifacts must be consistently formatted, clearly organized and labelled.