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Learning Objectives

1. Describe how policing evolved in the United States.

2. Discuss the main types of police agencies.

3. Analyze the functions of the police.

4. Describe how the police are organized.

5. Analyze influences on police policy and styles of policing.

6. Discuss how police officers balance actions, decision making, and discretion.

7. Describe the importance of connections between the police and the community.

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Multiculturalism refers to the diversity of people in that individual living in one area come from different cultures and different backgrounds (Healey, 2000). The main problem that the police department is facing arises from lack of a diverse workforce. The force has the challenge of maintaining a balance between all employees without discriminating against any of them. Although diversity is a concept that has been embraced and catered for and regardless of the numerous advantages associated with diversity the police force is not diverse and thus multiculturalism has not been fully embracing the whole concept of multiculturalism.

The other problem associated with the multiculturalism is the existence of racism. Although different measures have been put in place to deal with the same, racism is still an issue in the force. Racism is a disparity that gives rise to conflict among the members of the force and thus they are incapable of working together towards building a multicultural workforce. The conflicts also affect the mode of operation of the officers. More so, most officers still have stereotypes against certain races which affect their work as they discriminate on the basis of the stereotypes (Coon, 2016).

In order to deal with the aforementioned, it is important for the force to be diverse during its recruitment process. The force should ensure that it employs individuals from different backgrounds as opposed to having to employ individuals from the same racial background. The force should try to create a balance whereby the number of white employees is similar or almost similar to the number of the black employees. The force should also create awareness in form of training which can deal with the issue if stereotypes as well as workshops that allow the employees to interact together and get to know each other.


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