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Dear Mr XX

It is very gold to send you this email again about my son’s ELL program course. We just got information from my son Jay that his GPA is not high enough to take the college that he wants to go. So he worries about his GPA and he wants to ask of he can take an another course to instead of ELL Support class. If he takes an another course and earns a higher GPA in his senior year, we think it will help him to go to a better college. We knew that his writing skill was not good enough. However, he promised us he will go to X block or Y block English writing tutor for next year. Also we heard about he found an English institution to increase his writing skill. We think he can do well at writing and he only needs more time. We hope that school can arrange a regular or honor class for him to take place of ELL Support. Then he can get higher GPA in next year. We knew that school had kind of policy about international students. He really had not enough time to increase his GPA. We knew that senior years GPA is not as important as 10th and 11th years, but it still can increase his percentage to go to good college. We sincerely recommend him take another class. We hope school can help us with his course schedule.