poems self evaluation

1.  What do you think you did well in each of your poems? Be specific and detailed. Which one is your favorite? Why?

2.  What do you think you could improve on? Be specific and detailed.

3.  What form(s) did you use? What did you find challenging about the form(s) you used? What did you enjoy about them?

4.  What other techniques now to this unit did you use? Why did you choose to use these specific ones? What was challenging about them? Do you feel you accomplished your purpose through these techniques?

5.  Describe the process you used to divide your poem into lines and stanzas. Be specific and include examples from the poems. Explain why you did what you did and what effect you were hoping for.

6.  Did this assignment allow you to work on any of the writing goals you set for yourself earlier in the course? Please explain your response in detail.

7.  What new goals do you have for yourself and writing?