Lesson 8: Assignment 2

Prewriting: Think about the people you know or know of (family, friends, celebrities, other characters in literature, etc.) Then, think about why each one interests you. Choose a character and begin describing him/her/it using the prompts below. Please respond to each question in at least two or three complete sentences. (16 points – 2 each)

  1. What does your character look like? Include taste in clothes, physical flaws, birthmarks, tattoos, hair and eye color, height, weight, etc.
  1. How does your character behave? Does she have pet expressions, gestures, mannerisms? Is she quick to anger or does she withdraw from conflict? Is she outgoing? Shy? Rude? Optimistics? Pessimistic?
  1. How does your character speak? Does your character use flowery prose to describe the simplest of things? Does he use a minimum of words? Does he speak with an accent? Does he growl or seem angry when he speaks?
  1. How does your character interact with other characters? Is she kind and giving? Does she allow herself to be taken advantage of or does she take advantage of others?
  1. Where does your character live? Work? Go to school? How do these things affect your character?
  1. What type of conflict is will your character have to face in your story? Is he/she/it going to be able to resolve it? How?
  1. Who is going to tell or narrate your story? Why will this be an effective way to tell the story?
  1. Create an analogy that applies to your character. In other words, compare your character to something else. Does his smile light up the room? Are her hands veined like tiny tributaries branching out from a river?

Writing Your Character Sketch: Refer to the details you noted in the previous exercise and use them to write a descriptive “sketch” of your character. Your sketch must consist of at least three complete paragraphs (an introduction, a body, and a conclusion). Revise and organize your sketch, and then type your final copy here. (26 points)

Your instructor will be grading you on these key points:

Did you…

  • describe the character in detail? (10 points)
  • use an analogy in your description? (2 points)
  • describe the setting? (4 points)
  • organize the sketch into a beginning, middle and an end? (6 points)
  • edit according to Chart 2? (2 points)
  • edit according to Chart 3 ? (2 points)