Lesson 10: Assignment 3

Prewriting: Study 
Migrant Mother, by Dorothea Lange and then respond to the following questions. (6 points – 2 each)

  1. Where might she be from? List one detail that led you to this conclusion.
  2. What circumstances might have put her in her present situation?
  3. With which level of diction would she speak? Explain your choice.

Writing Dialogue: Now, keeping in mind your responses to the previous questions, create a dialogue between this woman and a newspaper reporter. The newspaper reporter has been assigned to investigate this woman’s story and must ask questions that will reveal her character through her responses. (20 points)

Your instructor will be grading you on these key points:

Did you…

  • define the character by her conversation? (8 points)
  • provide adequate action between the characters? (4 points)
  • punctuate and paragraph dialogue correctly (4 points)
  • edit according to Chart 2? (2 points)
  • edit according to Chart 3 ? (2 points)