Project: Entrevista

Once you are feeling very confident with your skills in talking about another person, it is time to put your knowledge in action.

  • Select two people that you can talk about. You may want to use their name (Rosa, David, etc.), or what they are (El señor, La señora, el amigo, etc.).  Include pictures of these people in a word document or presentation piece (5 points).
  • Compose four sentences about each one of these people (15 points). Tell your teacher in a recording the following information:
    1. where each one lives,
    2. where each is from,
    3. what his/her name is,
    4. how he/she is.
  • Be sure to use vocabulary that we are learning in this course and not information from outside sources. Be sure to use complete sentences. (The man lives in Colorado is an example of a complete sentence. In Colorado is not a complete sentence.)