Purdue University Coaching for Organizational Change Assignment

Purdue University Coaching for Organizational Change Assignment

APA style

I have provided you here my previous work which is Chapter 1&2. so I need Chapter 3 for the same topic and please read the instructor requirements below:

Chapter 3 should start with an introduction to your topic that is unique. This introduction should not be a duplicate of the introduction you have from chapter 1 or 2. It should reintroduce the reader to your topic and the importance of the study. This introduction should reach a page length of at least 1 page. After this, the rest of your Chapter 3 is to persuade the reader of your overarching argument that knowledge transfer impacts organizational success. You’ll do this by identifying sub-arguments to make throughout Chapter 3 and you’ll use the research you provide in Chapter 2 to support each. You can only use research that you provide in Chapter 2 to make and support your arguments in Chapter 3.

So, if you find new information you want to include in Chapter 3, you need to make sure it is included in Chapter 2. Also, each sub-argument will not be the same headings you had in Chapter 2. Your sub-arguments will include research from each of your Chapter 2 sections and must be supported by multiple researchers. If you only use one researcher for your argument, it isn’t a very strong argument. So, be sure to have multiple through out your sub-argument to make it strong. Anything that is common knowledge does not need to have a citation but those things that are not common knowledge must have citations.

You will address the questions under Chapter 3 on your syllabus throughout your chapter but you will not use them as headings and you will not copy and paste them into your paper. They should be addressed when appropriate.

Then finish your Chapter 3 up by provided a conclusion of the sub-arguments you make throughout the chapter.

I hope this helps give some guidance and please be sure to use Purdue OWL as an additional resource.


Instruction for Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The result of a critical analysis of the presenting issues based on the aggregate findings from

the literature review.

  • Reintroduce the topic and what was explored in Chapter 2.
  • What did the literature tell you about the presenting problem and possible solutions and remedies?
  • Analyze the pro and cons presented,or general agreements derived from the articles explored.
  • Were there portions of your review that were not addressed in the literature? If so, what was
  • missing or unclear?

  • Based on your review of this literature, what do you conclude about this topic?
  • Are there areas of you topic that were not sufficiently researched or that you did not find direct
  • responses to in the literature. What is the current status of this issue, and are there emerging issues that may impact the issue in the immediate future.