Request for Progress Report on Professional Development in Writing (by your learning and growth over the quarter)

PLZ read over the description!!!

PLZ follow all requirements!!!

PLZ read over the uploaded doc. CH5.10 and summary and the three projects!!!

And i provide the three projects and readings that i did in this class, and these are the materials of this class.

the main knowledge we learnt in this class is rhetorical analysis and genres.

This final assignment of the quarter has two equally important goals:

  • apply your developed rhetorical awareness and skill by writing in a new genre, the progress report, and
  • critically self-reflect and report on your learning and growth over the quarter.

The progress report genre is a common business genre that many organizations use to gather information on ongoing projects. To complete this project, you will be required to read about progress reports in Ch. 5.10 of the webbook and apply your knowledge of rhetorical situations, rhetorical choices, and genres by writing your own progress report.

Over the past few months, you have been engaged in professional development activities designed to improve your business writing. My hope is that all of you have learned some writing process strategies and specific writing techniques that you can apply to your own future business writing experiences.

To gain a fuller understanding of how you have developed your writing skills, I am requesting that you each submit an individual comprehensive progress report (of at least 1000 words) of your course activities by the due date for the final exam listed on the course calendar.

Please focus your report on your own individual development. In other words, do not give me a summary of assignments or class activities. Instead, you should focus on reporting how you personally have developed as a writer by engaging in the assignments and class activities.

I look forward to reading about your experiences and your plans for continued development.

if you need more information, plz contact me.