Response Post (50 Words) Learning Pattern Related

 I am currently working at Quest diagnostics as phlebotomist, from November of 2014 to present. My job responsibilities including registering patients, handling billing issues, and taking blood samples. I love my job because I get to talk to many different patients and majority of them are very friendly. My day starts with registering a patient into our computer system, making sure all of their information is accurate and up to date. Then I will print out the paper work, and take the patient back to the room. While in the room, I have to verify the information again, to make sure that I have called back the correct person. Then I will take the required blood samples and if the doctor asks for a stool sample instruct the patient on which containers their stool should go in, the amount, and whether it is room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen. After that, I show them the bathroom in case their doctor ordered a urine sample.

The responsibilities that I love about this job include the following:

  • Registering patents into the computer.

  • Taking the required blood samples.

  • Talking to the patient while talking their blood samples, or trying to calm them down before or after the blood draw.  

I love these responsibilities because i get to be involved with the patients. Talk with them and try to help them understand why we have certain policies like verifying the patients information more than once. While having this job i have learned about so many different things that i would not have known about if I had chosen a different path
For the responsibilities that I have listed above my sequence, precision and technical reasoning patterns are being used.

The responsibilities that I do not like about this job include:

  • Asking for billing payments (such as co payments or past due bills)

  • Working with stool samples and other bodily fluids (such as sputum or knee fluid)

  • Working by myself

The pattern that I use for the responsibilities are my confluence and technical reasoning. The reason that I do not like these job responsibilities is because most of the time when a patient has a bill or a co payment they would rather have a paper bill sent to them, or they would like to mail out the check and it can be difficult to explain that the company is eliminating paper bills and would like payment at the time of service. Working with samples such as stool or sputum I have to be very careful, I have learned that the bodily fluids such as sputum or knee fluids are irreplaceable so I have to process the items correctly because there may not be a second chance.

My learning patterns are Sequence 30, Precision 25, technical reasoning 24, and confluence 17. Now that I know about the patterns that I use for this job I understand why I love my job. Since, majority of my responsibilities are using my use first patterns such as sequence and precision with a bit of the technical reasoning pattern I feel as if this job is a good match.

Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers. Consider addressing the following questions in your response. Did anything surprise you about your classmate’s description? Assess the responsibilities your peer listed and the Learning Patterns associated. Do you agree with their assessment? Would you be a good match for this job? Each response should be a minimum of 50 words.