Response Post (50 Words) Learning Pattern related

Prime Care Learning Center

I work with Prime Care Learning Center from August 2015-Present. As an Assistant Teacher I assist the lead Teacher/Teachers in the care of children ages 6week- 13 years of age.

My three responsibilities that I enjoy the most are

·Outside Play Time. Whether I am outside with the infant/toddlers playing catch the ball or hanging out with the school age kids 4years to 13 years playing kick ball or hop scotch I always enjoy just getting some fresh air and having fun.

·Reading Time. I love to read. When you read a book you can make a book so exciting for the kids especially for the little ones ages 6weeks to 4 years of age. The kids really enjoy it especially when they can get engaged and involved with the book as far as make sounds that goes along with the book or when you can turn the book into a play.

·Arts and crafts. When it comes to arts and crafts day I enjoy getting down and creative with the kids. To see the wonderful artwork or build models that they have made shows a student true colors and show that the child can have a big imagination without the judgement of anyone.


·Confluence- imagination, create.

·Sequence- sequence, compare and contrast, review, show an example.

·Technical Reasoning- build, construct, just do it, assemble

My three responsibilities that I least enjoy are

·Changing Diapers. I do not enjoy this task at all because sometimes it can become stressful especially if you know that child should not be in diapers. The smell of poop and when it becomes a bit out the norm it can be irritating at times.

·The beginning of Nap Time. The reason I say the beginning is because this can become a job within itself. When you have a child or several children that are advance for their age meaning in weight, height and smartness that does not need to be in pampers or pullups then it can become an everyday problem.

·Cleaning up all day. I am the type of person that likes to clean up one time and one time only. Now I know that it comes with the job especially for the ages of 6weeks to 4years old but I am that type of person that just do not like to clean up all day. Sometimes I wish the kids come out already advance.


·Technical reasoning- assemble, just do it

·Confluence- act carefree, chance

·Sequence- in order, arrange, organize

LCI Scores

Sequence-32 Use First

Precise- 30 Use First

Technical Reasoning- 29 Use First

Confluent- 26 Use First

Being a Teacher is a perfect match for me because I love kids even though I may not like to do certain things I knew what I sign up for six years ago when I first came into the business and now profession. I take my job very serious and I enjoy doing it. I love my students and they love me. 

Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers. Consider addressing the following questions in your response. Did anything surprise you about your classmate’s description? Assess the responsibilities your peer listed and the Learning Patterns associated. Do you agree with their assessment? Would you be a good match for this job? Each response should be a minimum of 50 words.