Response Post (Only bid if you know about learning patterns)

Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers. Consider suggesting additional ways your classmate can self-regulate his/her Learning Patterns to achieve academic success. Each response should be a minimum of 50 words.

When it comes to my Use First Precision I tend to get upset when things are out of order. For example, when trying to get some homework done at work while my students are taking a nap and then all of a sudden my director comes and ask me to do some off the wall stuff like relieve one of the teachers for a bathroom break, I sometimes get a little agitated instead of just taking a step back and be like Frances it is only for a quick second and it is not to a point well I will lose total train of thought. Sometimes when I am in my zone and I am working on something I want to get it done without any interruptions and sometimes life is full of changes so you have to just go with the flow.

My LCI Scores

Sequence- 32 Use First

Precise- 30 Use First

Technical- 29 Use First

Confluent- 26 Use First